Maialino Madness

Here’s something you probably don’t see much in your supermarket’s meat section unless you’re European:

maialino, suckling pig
Roast Maialino and vegetables

It’s suckling pig, maialino. This is a “rack” of maialino, the same size as a rack of young lamb.

When I snagged this valuable hunk of piglet in the Conad supermarket, I had no idea of how to cook it. It turned out fabulous. Here’s what I did:

I seasoned it and scored the skin, then put it in a covered glass baking dish with a little wine in the bottom for moisture. I put the whole deal in a slow oven for close to 45 minutes. Then I took it out and let it sit a spell while the squash, potatoes, and spring onions roasted away at pretty high temperature. I returned it uncovered to the oven at high temperature to crisp the skin. It got all brown and crackly like you see in the picture after about 10 minutes.


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