Florentine Reprobates and Their Bicycles

Ok, so we’re walking in Florence on the wrong side of the Arno, the Otrarno, when we came across this bicicletta leaning on a building. It’s the only bicycle around. It rests next to a sign which implores people not to lean their bicycles on the very spot it’s resting upon.

Maybe that’s why I like Italy. It’s about the reprobates.

florence bicycle
Bicycle in Florence with sign: please don't lean your bicycle here.

I do like the Otrarno though. It’s more than the lack of tourists. It’s a laid back kind of place with ancient cultural treasures that aren’t “important” enough to have changed the world, but which have meaning to the people who live and toil there. The little vegetable markets in piazze like Santo Spirito give it a homey, small town feel, a real neighborhood.

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