Lance Armstrong in Italy - Milan-San Remo Spring Classic 

Today Lance Armstrong is doing the carb thing. “Sitting at the team dinner. Lots of pasta tonight. Lots,” he tweets. For tomorrow he shall test his legs at the Milan-San Remo Bike Race.

_La classica di Primavera_ (“the Spring classic”) is Saturday, March 21st, 2009, tells us. Steephill is probably the best place to get info in English for the race.

USians will get the chance to see the race, tape delayed, at 5pm ET on Versus, accordiing to steephill. Check them out for other internet video options. I’ll be watching; I liked San Remo very much on my last trip. Here are some San Remo Pictures.

If you twitter, you can follow @lancearmstrong and @steephill to keep up with the race tomorrow. If you have nothing else to do except dream of Italy, you can follow me @wanderingitaly.

Lance has told the media he’s hot planning on winning, but then it’s a darn nice ride through the Italian countryside, ending up on the Ligurian coast in springtime. You can’t call that bad.

See also yesterday’s interview: King Armstrong holds court in Milan’s Castello Sforzesco

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