Do You Pay Attention to the Fine Carvings?

Do you pay attention to the “lunettes” above medieval church doorways? The carvings may surprise you, especially if you happen upon a Romanesque church.

Sarcophagi are also places where peering into the individual figures can make you smile—or leave you aghast.

The freshly restored Portonaccio Sarcophagus is amazingly detailed.

All around the general, Roman soldiers bravely slay their barbarian enemies, some of whom have fallen to the ground and are being trampled in the melee, and others of whom seem to be begging for mercy. — Eternally Cool

There’s lots going on, including an empty helmet. I know, I know, you only give these death boxes a passing glance when you’re wandering through a museum.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on all that, then tell me what’s happening at the Duomo di San Moderanno in Berceto: a horse in mittens tries to play the harp?

Pay attention to the carvings. They may enlighten…or frighten.

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