Travel to Italy? Bad, The People Say

A recent congressional delegation to Italy, headed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is the particular focus of negative attention during a time when many feel Congress members should remain at home, aiding their constituents. ~ Congress under fire for Travel during Recess

Yeah, diplomacy is bad, especially when visiting one of your last remaining allies.

When will people get rid of the idiotic notion that travel is a luxury, that people don’t learn valuable lessons when they travel and meet people from other cultures?

For centuries, travel was considered to be more important than a formal education. Now, its the devil’s game. How’d we get so far off track?

But really, Nancy, you’d better listen. Surely it’s better staying home doling out billions to car companies who have yet to produce a car most people want, who’ve spent billions convincing people that small, efficient cars are the devil’s work so they could sell them big, ugly, inefficient ones at a much higher profit. Sure, they’ve turned reality on its head, but you have to forgive them with big bundles of more and more free money: big steel boxes and heavy iron engines are good and warrant extra dollars to be spent on the end result, while light alloys and cars that go around corners when you steer them that way and sip gas rather than gulp it are less worthy and don’t make a dime for the fat cats in the tall, steel towers. The path is clear…

And now Chrysler with its taxpayer billions doesn’t know what to do, so it’s waiting for new partner Fiat. Yes, Fiat to the rescue! How far things have come.

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