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I’m not much into the whole social networking scene, but I’m slowly seeing the possibilities of Twitter.

This morning, via his Twitter feed, I learned from Lance Armstrong that his one of a kind time trial bike was stolen after the Tour of California Prologue (Lance finished 10th). He left a picture, in case anyone would happen to come across it.

I started to see that twitter might make my next three months in Italy (starting end of March) pretty darned interesting. I’m going to try to see some of the Giro, maybe get behind the scenes, reporting on the small things in real time.

But that’s not the interesting part of it. I’m thinking that while I’m in Italy, you could ask me the cost of gas or the price of a loaf of bread if you wanted. I mean, the cost of food is one of the big search terms on this site (behind “porn” and “topless”), because I’ve mentioned it before (in the context of how food seems so much cheaper in Italy than in the US, and how the US has intentionally under reported inflation). So I go to the market to shop, and tweet the bill, and you could “live” in Italy right alongside me and curse the fact you’re not eating so well and paying more. Stay Tuned.

Other folks have used twitter in order to vacation without planning, simply taking off then letting twitterers (twits?) advise them on places to go. That sounds like a bit of fun to me, actually, not being a planner and all.

In any case, I’m sure there’s a whole lot of potential in mobile miniblogging. I’ve got to do more thinking about it.

So, follow me, if you want.

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