Pizza in Naples

Who’d be nuts enough to try to “discover the best pizzeria in Naples by eating nothing but pizza for our entire five day stay”? Simona Piccinelli, evidently. I admire the grit and determination, even though the task isn’t so unpleasant.

Pizza in Naples is really different. You must try it.

Piccinelli’s top pick, Da Michele, was the one my Italian neighbor insisted we try. He’s from Naples. His blissful look upon recounting the pizza at Da Michele probably set me up for a bit of disappointment.

I thought the pizza a little too “wet” for my taste. I didn’t “do” the other 9 pizzerie, so I can’t comment if this is part of the Neapolitan “style” or not. Still, 9 out of ten or maybe more. Here it is:

naples pizza, pizza da michele
Pizza from Da Michele in Naples

Doesn’t look like Pizza Hut, does it?

Anyway, check out The Ten Best Pizzerias in Naples, Italy- possibly the best pizza in the world

And when you get tired of Pizza, trundle on down to L’Europeo di Mattozzi

Buon Appetito!

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