2 Continent Expat Kindling

Today we got notice that the Kindle 2 has been announced. We got excited. Not pee-in-your-pants excited. But still…

I’ve been thinking about the Kindle for a while. Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t get too excited about a reader like Kindle. After all, what could it do that a bookshelf full of books couldn’t? Plus, I like opening a book and running my fingers over the pages. Martha complains about it all the time, especially after I’ve been cleaning fish. But that’s neither here nor there.

You see, I spend equal time on two continents. Imagine transporting those bookshelves! It’d cost an arm and a leg on today’s airlines. I mean they want to charge you extra for a zit, forget a bookshelf loaded with paginated trees.

I dream of having my technical books and my guidebooks with me when I’m in Tuscany. I dream of annotating them without searching around for a pen. I hardly sleep nights thinking of all this.

(And these days the kindle is even better and holds more books)

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