Valentino Rossi: Wait! Don't Close Those Curtains Valentino!

I raced cars for a few years. That’s really not as nuts as racing motorcycles, but Valentino Rossi, the uber-famous moto GP racer makes it look effortless. I mean, effortless but dangerous: the bike is almost parallel to the track, kneecaps clattering along the tarmac like castanets…

But even when he crashes and is skittering toward a tire wall like a rag doll in a blender, Valentino is known to pop up like a jack-in-the-box and jump the fence like a high jumper on his way back to the paddock. He’s invincible. Well, maybe not:

Valentino Rossi, probably the most gravity-defying rider in motorcycling history, fell while he was drawing the curtains in his house and is a doubt for this week’s pre-season MotoGP tests in Sepang. ~ MotoGP: Rossi falls drawing curtains

You’d think Valentino would have a maid to draw his curtains. He’s a star, you know.

He’s questionable for the upcoming Malaysian tests, but he’s going anyway.

Who knows, he might find him a woman who can draw curtains.

So, if you’re thinking about it, take that Italian vacation now, now, I tell you! That garage door has been eyeing you strangely, hasn’t it? You never know what they’re thinking, these inanimate objects, but they’re for sure out to get you…

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