Where to Eat on the Amalfi Coast

Some of my most memorable meals have been served in restaurants recommended by celebrity chefs. They should know.

So when I saw “Traveling with the Stars: Wolfgang Puck”, I immediately scanned the interview for Italian treasures. There are two.

Both are in the small town that you will miss if you head your car up the main road out of Sorrento traveling toward Positano and Amalfi. Nerano, on the tip of the Amalfi Peninsula. Here’s what Wolfgang said:

Nerano, Campania, Italy. A small fishing village with two of my favorite Italian restaurants. One is called Quattro Passi and the other, Il Scolio.

He gives instructions on how to get there. Being wealthy and thinking you are too, he recommends you rent a boat in Capri and make it a lunch trip from the island. Sounds a little lavish for those of us on a budget.

Get the full details, including how to reserve: Traveling with the Stars: Wolfgang Puck

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