New Ferrari F60

No, you can’t buy an F60. It is too sleek for you. It is too low for you. It is too light for you…

Ferrari was first to unveil its 2009 Formula uno race car. You can get the fanfare here

It’s a car that fits today’s leaner world, where we bleed money. “Designers said the car cost less than its most recent predecessors and was “built to overtake”, according to Italy Magazine.

Felipe Massa liked it, “The new F60 seems tiny, very compact and cute.”

They couldn’t even test the car on their own track. Snow. What a year.

And, as predicted, the test car has the regenerative braking systems like a high performance “hybrid”, sort of: “The Kers system to recuperate kinetic energy has also been installed on the engine…” ~ F1’s Massa happy with ‘cute’ Ferrari F60.

They won’t actually use KERS in F1 until they determine its reliability.

Good luck with that.

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