2009 Giro d'Italia del Centenario

Yes, this year marks the 100th running of the Giro d’Italia. Lance Armstrong has vowed to be there (his first time), and the course has been specially laid out to include some classic stages that were the scenes of immense battles between bikers in the past. It starts in Venice Lido and ends amongst the ruins of ancient Rome.

To see them, we’ve prepared a 2009 Giro Route Map to give you an idea of where Italy’s most popular bike race will be run in May. We’ve tried to outline what we think will be the “best” or most hotly contested stages.

It’s intended to be a map more for people, like me, who are moderately interested in bicycle racing, but want their viewing to be integrated into travel plans for a spring vacation. The page should evolve to include places to stay where you can have a great evening meal, then head off to get a prime viewing spot the next day.

So, if you own a bed and breakfast or agriturismo near the race and are knowledgeable enough about the race to provide guidance to guests, let us know in an email—the link is over in the orangy left column—and I’ll add your site or contact information to the page.

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