Fritto Misto di Mare
Fresh seafood, fried, as good as it gets

Fritto Misto di Mare. It brings tears to my eyes some times. A mixed fry of seafood hasn’t changed in my 35 years of travel to Italy. Well, ok, the price went up, but it did that for Alfa Romeos too.

I gotta do a little seafood porn for ya:

fritto misto di mare
Fritto Misto di Mare

Pretty, ain’t it? Italian to the core. Simple, but takes skill to do right. Depends on fresh ingredients instead of lots of ingredients. Presentation: as it comes from the fryer. Nothing stacked so you can’t eat it.

You just dig in. How easy is that?

(I was inspired to show you this because it came from the Lunigiana village of Barbarasco, and this weekend marks the beginning of the chestnut festival, which runs for three weekends.)

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