Italian Sharpshooter Has Taxes in the Crosshairs

I just heard that Italian police officer Francesco D’Aniello won an Olympic silver medal in double trap shooting Tuesday. He didn’t waste any time telling the government he wanted them to pass a law to waive taxes on Olympic winnings.

It may surprise you what an athlete winning a medal brings home. When I covered the Torino Winter Olympics, I gulped hard when I heard what the Americans pocket.

Yeah, I know an Olympic medal is the culmination of a whole lotta sacrifice and hard work. But is it worthy of a tax exemption?

I don’t understand why Francesco didn’t do like all other Italians and ask for the prize in cash. He probably would have gotten a pocketful of Yuan, Jiao, and Fen. I’m sure he could have used them for something.

I also don’t understand what double trap shooting is, or why it’s an Olympic sport…but that’s just me.

But one thing I know, the government should look out. This guy’s got a gun and knows how to use it, at least when he’s forced into a double trap.

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