The Pasta alla Norma Tree

What do you get when you graft together a tomato plant, and eggplant plant, and the devil’s fig (tree)? A 5 foot tall tree that grows both huge eggplants and tomatoes, a “creation” of Sicilian amateur botanist Giuseppe Marinoin.

Imagine, you no longer have to bend down to pick the stuff for your Pasta alla Norma.

Can this plant take over the world? Should you mess with God’s work, especially using the devil’s fig?

Marino said the shrub is resistant to disease and thrives in difficult conditions with little water, adding that his invention could be ‘‘an answer for the G8 to the problem of world hunger’‘.

Hold on to your hats! Food for everyone!

The problem now, of course, is that we’ll have to teach Namibians how to make a proper pasta alla Norma, which, I’ve just discovered, was named after Sicilian composer Vincenzo Salvatore Carmelo Francesco Bellini’s opera “Norma”.

There’s always a hitch when you’re trying to end world hunger, although usually that hitch is Monsanto.

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