How Wine Should Be Served

Those of you who read this blog more than once in a blue moon know that I am not a fan of formal wine service. I like the cork popped and the bottle plunked down on the table and left for me to handle.

But what if I find myself in a restaurant with a Sommelier? What if the restaurant insists I order the wine through the Sommelier?

I still don’t like it. But sometimes I want to get the most value out of the meal and the wine, and if I’m reviewing the restaurant I want to know how good the staff really is. So, I test them. I tell the Sommelier exactly the kind of wine I’m thinking of, or exactly the place I want it to come from.

Believe me, I’ve been quite disappointed at times. In Ragusa the sommelier was tardy on several occasions, so folks didn’t get wine until after the first course was at the table. When I mentioned local wines, the Sommelier simply pointed to a section of the list, shrugged, and walked away, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

Of course, there are good Sommeliers and bad. But what of the best? What kind of competition do they have to endure to get a reputation as someone who knows every little thing about a bottle of any wine?

Here’s a very interesting article on the Best World Sommelier Competition of the WSA

Interesting. But I wonder, is the detail a master Sommelier is expected to know going to make you really enjoy the wine picked for you?

I dunno. I’m still way too much of a heathen. Get me some local stuff. Put it on the table. Back away slowly….

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