Dante Alighieri, Come on Home!

Dante's Tomb - Ravenna, Italy

(Picture: Dante’s Tomb in Ravenna.)

In a rather nonsensical political move, the city council of Florence has approved a motion calling on the mayor to organize ‘‘a public rehabilitation’‘ of the author of the Divine Comedy, according to Anza.

So, what are they gonna do, drag ol’ Dante out of his tomb in Ravenna (shown above) and cane his sorry, wrinkled ass? Are they going to make him write nice things about rich politicians and how they’re bound to end up in the third level of Paradiso where all the expired and bodacious-boobed porn stars are known to hang out without aging?

Presenting the motion, centre-right politicians called it ‘‘a decisive step towards Dante’s complete rehabilitation’‘.

So, what do you think these guys are on, anyway?

Of course, there may be a method to their madness. You’ve heard that residents of a Romanian village recently voted in a dead man as their mayor, since the live one wasn’t much to talk about. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Dante as your mayor? The tourists would go nuts trying to get an 85 Euro visitation ticket to see the guy. The city could use the money for a Dante Alighieri Amusement Park with death-defying rides to the various levels of hell, each featuring a fast-food restaurant and free “food”. Winner is the one that doesn’t need the Dante Alighieri Barf Bag of Paradise.

Yes, ladies and gents, Florence could be a fun destination once again.

Wandering Italy urges a yes vote on this proposition.

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