Montagnana - A Walled City in the Veneto

Just when you think you’ve been everywhere in Italy worth visiting, another walled city pops up.

montagnana city walls
The Walls Surrounding Montagnana in the Veneto

We were driving to Chioggia when the road veered suddenly right. After gawking a bit, we realized that we were being taken around a walled city, rectangular in shape, on a road just outside the dried-up moat, now green with grass. We had to stop of course; it was lunch time.

We had a filling and inexpensive lunch just outside the walls—nothing to write home about. Then we went into Montagnana through a medieval gate.

There was a wonderful market square with a Gothic Cathedral (1431-1502) and a guard tower that had been made into a youth hostel. You could walk to the top and see the city from about 7 stories up. There was some medieval siege machinery lying about. In the market square sat a gelato joint that was rocking, even though the spring day wasn’t that hot.

montagnana view
Montagnana seen from the hostel tower

Montagnana hosts a traditional “Palio” (horse-race and costumed procession) on the first Sunday in September, Palio 10 del Montagnanese.

Wandering Italy—sometimes just driving or walking around is the best way to find interesting stuff.

See a map and guide to the Veneto. It’s more than Venice you know.

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