The Last, Bittersweet Gelato in Aulla

Today we paid the internet bill. High speed internet, just a dream when we bought the house in the Lunigiana, is not only a reality now, but one that truly does make a travel writer’s life a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, we stopped in Aulla for our final gelato before buttoning up the house and heading for California via the Rhone Valley of France tomorrow morning. I had the “new” flavor that’s hit the streets, the chocolate fondente, a bittersweet chocolate. It fit the mood.

One of the last things to do was have lunch with an expat at C’era Una Volta on the outskirts of Aulla. €12 for the worker’s lunch. The Amatriciana was full of that Mediterranean pork flavor that you don’t get with “the other white meat” that’s had the flavor wrung out of it in America. The bollito di manzo was far better than the one I had in Bologna, the capital of cucina Italiana, or so they claim.

I’m gonna miss this place.

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