Italy Sends More Wine - But Can We Have the Grape Seeds Please?

Good news. In spite of the dismal performance of the dollar, Italian wine exports to the US rose 9% for both volume and value, according to the Italian Wine and Food Institute (IWFI).

It’s not that I think Italian wines are that much better than good American wines. It’s just that I’m tired of fat, over ripe wines that don’t go that well with food, and it seems like a lot of $10 wines in the US have followed that path.

I was surprised though, that Italy sends us about twice as much wine as France. Hmmm.

But the interesting story is in the value of fermented grape seeds. According to a UPI story: Fermented grape seeds fight mouth bacteria:

A report in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry said chemicals in red wine grapes interfere with the ability of bacteria to contribute to tooth decay and also may hold clues for new ways to lessen the ability of bacteria to cause life-threatening, systemic infections, the University of Rochester Medical Center said Friday in a news release.

Munch more fermented grape seeds, reduce plaque. It’s gotta be more fun than frequent brushing.

But then again, grappa is made from vinacce, the skins and seeds left over from the wine making process, so we’re probably not going to get vats of them sent over any time soon.

Hey, maybe grappa fights tooth decay. Wouldn’t that be nice? It means those old guys who get a spritz of grappa in their morning coffee were right all along.

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