Historic Fiat 500s - Cinquecento Heaven in Aulla

Last summer one of the festivals we came upon in Aulla had streets filled not just with local food specialties but with historic Fiats and Alfas.

With the popularity of the new Fiat Cinquecento, which wasn’t quite out when this picture was taken, it’s important to remind ourselves that there are some pretty nice examples of the historic 500, which started production in 1957. Post war car production meant small “people’s” cars like the 500 and the Volkswagen Beetle.

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Historic Fiat Cinquecento in Aulla, Italy.

You’ll notice nothing is moving. Perhaps you can tell by the driver’s face. Yes, the addition of speed traps and cameras has slowed down the works in Italy. You no longer seem to need to worry about the zippy speeds in Italy, although the debate over the skill or recklessness of “Italian drivers” will undoubtedly continue until long after the last drop of benzina has dribbled onto the pavement.

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