Mediterranean diet cuts mortality rates

Proof has arrived that suggests you aren’t just healthier when you eat fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, but you live longer, too.

Eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and fish instead of meat, not to mention olive oil rather than saturated fats, is generally accepted to be good for you, but only a few studies have attempted to work out whether such a diet would help people to live longer. The study, published today in Archives of Internal Medicine, confirms that among nearly 400,000 retired Americans, the closer they stuck to a Mediterranean diet, the lower their likelihood of death over a five-year period. ~ Mediterranean diet cuts mortality rates, says study

Interesting article. Unfortunately, long term studies take a lot of time. You have to wait until people die to compile your results, gruesomely enough. And by the time you get it all figured out, corporations selling things appropriately called ding-dongs have arrived on the scene and Sardianians are drinking sugary beverages out of big gulp cups. Is the Mediterranean diet dead? I figure it’s on wobbly legs.

Like artists. By the time Pimo the painter extrordinaire gets some fame, he can’t hear anymore and someone’s following him around lugging the oxygen bottle he’s tethered to.

You can’t deny that portions are getting larger in restaurants in Italy and France. A normal person with a normal stomach really can’t eat a full, traditional Italian meal any more without suffering.

And just in case you think the food in restaurants doesn’t count, we now have figures that suggest modern Italians really can’t cook. Yes, you read that right:

Although Italian cuisine is among the most-loved on the planet, only 25% of Italians are capable of cooking a complete meal. ~ Chow, belli: 75% of Italians Can’t Cook

Ok, maybe they’re pulling our legs. Italians are famous for that. “Non prederme in giro!” I say to all of you making the bella figura while the world waits for the next hot dish from your amazing stoves.

Tell us it ain’t true what they say, eh?

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