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Ok, I have a confession to make. Sometimes I travel for food. It’s an expensive hobby; food as fuel is so much cheaper—and faster to procure.

So it was interesting to stumble upon Il Forno’s entry: Italian Food Blogs. Seems they’re popping up all over.

Does this signify a significant change in the idea that Italian food is just Italian home cooking, nothing more?

Quick, name a famous Italian chef. Sure, maybe a French chef or three will roll off your well-trained tongue with ease. Italian is harder. If you’re from the US, you probably can’t name a true, Italian chef. Mario doesn’t count.

Even I can only name one: Davide Sabine of fame. And that’s just because the good folks in Piemonte invited me.

So delight in the folks who’ve put their thoughts on the web for you to poke your virtual fork into.

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