Torino, Italy in February
Torino is a special place to wander

Lots of folks knock Turin, or Torino. When I was covering the Olympics, the NBC crew spent their mornings on such pursuits as likening Torino to Cleveland in the 40s. I don’t know how much of it they had seen of Torino, except for the innards of the media center, but there you have it.

I loved walking around in Turin. Even with the Olympic hype, and all sorts of commercial visual noise battering your senses, it was a special place to wander, camera in hand. And the weather in February wasn’t at all bad most days. Keep that in mind as the dollar sinks (Indians now are shunning the incredibly shrinking dollar in favor of the Rupee, I’ve read this morning), as you might want to plan a trip for the off-season, which for my money is really the on-season, but I’m a photographer, dreamer, and drunkard, not a sun worshiper.

In any case, the purpose of this post was to point you to a nice Torino photo blog updated frequently and annotated in Italian, French and English, as befitting a place with an architecture that straddles two cultures (with an Egyptian fascination thrown in). In any case, see Torino per immagini

And here is my Torino offering (Why must all my pictures lately contain jugglers!?):

turin italy picture
Turin Italy, February 2006

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