Whining all'amatriciana in Wisconsin

Pasta all’amatriciana. Bleeding Espresso has to remind me of it. Make no mistake, it is possible to get a good meal in Illinois and Wisconsin, places I’m visiting at the moment. But when you’re on the road as I am and don’t know where to go, you’re likely to be yearning for something so quintessentially simple and knock-your-socks-off good as a simple dish of pasta with pancetta and tomatoes—stuff you might get at any roadside joint in Italy. What you’re likely to get in America’s heartland if you don’t know where to go is something breaded and deep fried (with a white roll alongside and a blob of something chemical to slather on it that is supposed to resemble butter but isn’t close. (You gotta watch that cholesterol, you know). This is typically washed down with very week coffee, although the habit is changing.

So I’m gonna just give you a little deep knowledge of the dish and add a video of my rather deviant version. Video: Pasta all’Amatriciana

Get that pasta water going. You know you want some.

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