Anthony Bourdain Comes to Tuscany

Anthony Bourdain will be in my neck of the woods, virtually that is, when he appears in Tuscany on Monday on the Discovery Channel.

I like Anthony. I’ve worked in professional kitchens. It’s like he says.

Radaronline has a cute menu that Anthony rips. I agree highly on some points, but disagree on some others. Take the “Pea soup garnished with truffle oil” which causes Mr. Bourdain to deride the oil as “the lazy chef’s way to add value, by which I mean charge more.”

Well, maybe. I used to have a boss who made big bucks, but was the stingiest guy I knew. He ranted over the fact that Grey Poupon mustard cost $1 more than other mustards because he read somewhere that it contained a teaspoon of white wine per bottle. He’d never have Grey Poupon and its minuscule drop of wine at that outrageous price.

Of course, if the mustard tasted ten times as good to you for twice the price of that phosphorescent yellow crap, then it’s worth buying it. That’s my philosophy anyway.

And truffles? Well, it’s true, they do make just about anything taste sexy. Even fake truffles.

I do agree that the description of a menu item shouldn’t take longer to read than war and peace. Still, there’s a limit.

When I first went to Italy I had no idea that Norma was a babe who liked a bright, shiny eggplant sliced in with her penne. I went around thinking, “why does every restaurant in Sicily serve something called Pasta alla Norma?” See, pasta alla Norma is pasta with eggplant and ricotta. You’re supposed to know that, of course. It’s on the test, trust me.

Anthony Bourdain has his own web site, of course.

You rock Tony. I wish I were breaking bread with you in Toscana on Monday.

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