Castello di Regnano

Castello di Regnano is one of those small towns perched on a ridge above a river in the Lunigiana. The village puts on a pretty good medieval festival each year. If you’ve never been to one, It’s a great way to spend time, morning or night, taste some traditional and some recreated medieval food, and watch the sword play in the little courtyards.

Here’s a view of the village tucked into a valley and surrounded by mountains, quiet even on a festival morning.

Castello di Regnano
Castello di Regnano in the Lunigiana historic territory of Tuscany

Inside the little village of Regnano you’ll meet many characters, many of whom are on hand to demonstrate the ancient crafts, taking a moment to introduce their offspring to the villagers.

castello di regnano festival picture
Folks at a medieval festival in Castello di Regnano in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany.

Food is inexpensive. Here’s Martha with of 5 Euro worth of festival food:

festival food
Martha with 5 euro of festival food

Any little piazza might feature sword play.

medieval swordsmen
Medieval Swordsmen

Oh how I wish I were in rural Italy right now. Its wonders are still mostly untapped.

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