Wandering Around Bigliolo 

Bigliolo is known for its beans – Fagioli di Bigliolo. There is a great Bean Festival held every fall. My shutter master has his workshop in Bigliolo, so we go there by car quite often.

Today we walked. It’s amazing what you see when you aren’t in that stainless steel box zipping along the roadway with the air conditioner blasting your face.

There’s a memorial along the road between Piano di Collecchia and Bigliolo placed on the very spot where Leonardo Umile was killed by the “nazifascisti” that you’d never see from a car, reminding us of the work of the resistenza in the Lunigiana, of which Leonardo was a force until April the 17th in 1945.

Bigliolo makes some fine wine in those rolling hills outside of town. We followed some brown signs, the ones that point tourists to sanctuaries and wineries. It was a gorgeous morning.

Don’t forget to get outta that rental car and walk a bit. The world is an amazing place. Take it slow. Let it seep in; let it go deep into your soul.

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Vines outside Bigiolo in northern Tuscany.

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