Valle Camonica 2019

Celebrate Italy's first UNESCO World Heritage Site

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the rock art valley’s inclusion on the Unesco World Heritage List. It was Italy’s first, and there are some special events and ceremonies planned.

warrior petroglyph
Valcamonica warrior petroglyph, Naquane

This is one of our favorite “unknown” corners of Italy, a mountain valley in the Lombardy region near lake Iseo packed with history and biodiversity, webbed with interesting hiking trails, and fueled by some fine mountain food.

Under the banner of the 40 years of UNESCO site, widespread events and cultural festivals, demonstrations and thematic conferences will be promoted, and accessibility interventions will be completed with the inauguration of the works promoted in the Seradina Park and in the Naquane National Park. the great rock n. 1. Twinnings are already planned with the UNESCO sites of Matera and Naples, with which an agreement for the joint promotion of educational activities has recently been signed. — 2019: a year of anniversaries and major events

If you are planning a vacation for 2019 and want to include the Valle Camonica, the site referenced above has a fine, downloadable brochure in English you can download and print.

Foodies will enjoy the work now being undertaken to link all the mountain foodways with a nomination of Alpine Food Heritage to the Unesco Representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Food heritage is a strong source of identity for Alpine populations. It goes beyond products to include productive landscapes and traditional knowledge on production techniques, consumption customs and rituals, and the transmission of ancient wisdom. AlpFoodway will create a sustainable development model for peripheral mountain areas based on the preservation and valorization of Alpine Space cultural food heritage and on the adoption of innovative marketing and governance tools. It will also foster the emerging of a transnational Alpine identity based on the common cultural values expressed in food heritage. — AlpFoodway

Highlights of the Region

One of the most interesting strolls you might take is through the Parco Nazionale delle Incisioni Rupestri – Naquane where the picture above was taken. The ancient folks who pecked the glacier-scubbed rocks knew where to live, the mountain scenery is spectacular.

valcamonica lanscapes
Valcamonica Landscapes

Nearby there are 7 other parks with rock engravings.

valcamonica trail signs
Trails in the Valcamonica

If you enjoy a longer stroll in the fresh mountain air, start at Pescarzo, a village steeped in mountain history and the start of many trails into the mountains. A good time to visit is August for the ImmaginArti exposition, where there are master craftsmen exhibiting their wares and traditional food.

Thanks to the traditional hospitality of the inhabitants, courtyards and cellars are transformed into as many laboratories and workshops that become exhibitions open to the many visitors.

The streets, lit by the fire of a thousand candles, every evening are populated by guests, musicians and acrobats in a big party that lasts until late at night.

For a serine experience, a night or two on Lake Iseo, lago di Iseo is a must. We stayed in the lakeside village of Marone, at Villa Serioli, and recommend it.

lake iseo island
An island in Lago Iseo

You might consider starting your exploration of the area in Brescia, and if you like bubbly, you might want to visit the nearby Franciacorta region, where Italy’s best sparkling wine comes from.

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