Fall Festivals in the Lunigiana

Celebrate food, truffles, and the medieval period in Northern Tuscany

Fall is a great time to be in the Lunigiana. The fall colors are fantastic, the food is great, and it’s a good time for festivals! Traditionally, many festivals were held in fall to celebrate the harvest and of course after the harvest is over, people had more time to party. Most festivals revolve around food.

In Italian, a festival will be called a festa or sagra. Larger festivals may have carnivals, but in the Lunigiana the festivals are usually smaller and homey. You will find some inexpensive but tasty food, wine, and some vendors selling local products and maybe a few commercial vendors as well. Some festivals will also have music.

Fall festivals feature local fall foods such as chestnuts, castagne, or mushrooms, funghi, especially funghi porcini. A good web site to check on upcoming festivals is Terra di Lunigiana. Although it is in Italian, just look for the word Festa or Sagra and underneath the name is the town where the festival will be held.

The Mangialonga

The “long eating” is a walk across the territory with stops for eating each course of a full multi-course lunch with wine, beer and water. You’ll find these the same way you find the sagras in the region, by reading posters.

mangialonga lunigiana
Mangialonga Spinofiorito

A little farther afield you will also find truffle (tartufo) festivals in November. Last year we went to a great one in San Miniato. Read about truffle festivals in Italy here

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