Abruzzo in Pictures

The Abruzzo is a visual feast

Every once in a while I go through some old Italy pictures. Yearnings to hit the road follow soon after. A recent memorable trip to the Abruzzo brought back these yearnings.

The very name “Abruzzo” has the feelings of wildness to it. It is a place too remote to have fallen into the the magical and refined grace-pit of the Renaissance. Tourists are few. There wasn’t enough wealth in the churches for the Renaissance they crave. Instead, locals clung to the land, listening to the pulsations of life in the wild as if their lives depended upon it, because, well, it did.

Pagans. Pagans are the much-maligned people who rely on the profound depth of their understanding of the dirt, the animals, the skies and how they interact, crafting from this immense knowledge the closely-held traditions of isolated farmers and herders—and exposed in festivals, superstitions, lively song and dance. These are the celebrations you must come to see.

It’s not that pagans are “against” God. He just has better things to do, loftier things.

So, potential tourist, walk among the places you see in these pictures. Even on a bright, sunny, spring day you can feel the earth cracking and surging, surrounding the new birth that pushes away the rotting old; April is the cruelest month…

abruzzo picture
Abruzzo: a curve in the Road
abruzzo picture
Abruzzo: verdant valley and mountains
castelvecchio calvisio picture
Castelvecchio Calvisio; Gran Sasso

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abruzzo flowering tree picture
Flowering tree, one of many in the Abruzzo in spring.
village ruins picture
Abandoned Village
castle ruins picture
Castle Ruins in the Abruzzo
abruzzo castle picture
Abruzzo Castle
castle ruins
View from the castle ruins
castel del monte picture
Castel del Monte, Abruzzo
archaological site picture
Roman Archaeological Site:Peltuinum, second half of the first century BC

Find out more about ancient Peltuinum.

Area Map

This is the area of the Abruzzo that these pictures were taken. Wander it. Explore it. You’ll come away changed. In a good way, of course.

Also to See in the Map Area

We stayed at a restored fortified monastery near the town of Ocre called Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito. A stay is highly recommended; all the pictures here (and hundreds of others) were taken on day trips from this place.

Sulmona is another place we really enjoy.

Grotta di Stiffe is one of Italy’s top caves to visit. A river runs through it.

Paper map: Abruzzo and Molise, Italy by Touring Club Italiano

Abruzzo Map and Guide

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