Before Traveling to Europe - Credit Cards

These days, everyone uses credit cards in Europe. But with increasing security, you’re likely to be denied the use of your card if you don’t notify your card company that you’ll be charging from a foreign country.

Problem is, most of the Credit card companies I use have horrible systems that don’t allow you access to the system until you’ve given them all your personal information and your underwear size, then you are forced to listen to all the advertisements for services they should be obligated to provide free—like protecting your identity—and then, after numerous minutes, you can finally talk to the person you need to talk to. Of course, that person asks you for the info you’ve already keyed in before. Every last bit of it.

Why does it have to be so hard?

“Thank you for using your Master Card in Europe, Mr. 36” boxers. And shouldn’t you try losing some weight while you’re there?”

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