Pisa, the Route to the Piazza dei Miracoli
Video: How to Get from Pisa Train Station to the Leaning Tower in a Hurry

Pisa is actually a wonderful city in Tuscany. Problem is, folks want to hop off the train and run to the Leaning Tower. Never in history have so many wanted to visit an architectural embarrassment so badly.

And the Piazza dei Miracoli is a raucous, religious, and yes, miraculous bit of green space in the northwest corner of Pisa. It's a bit far from the station, but the walk is very nice, which is what our little video shows.

But still, don't sell Pisa short. The fact that tourists take a day trip and then leave is part of what makes it compelling to stay. In fact, we have recommendations below the video and in our latest article Pisa: Where to Eat, Where to Stay.

So, buy that train ticket and head over the Arno and get that Kodak moment. We hope you have more time than I did.

Map of the Route to the tower

map of route to leaning tower from pisa train station

Staying in Pisa

Really, you should stay and see Pisa properly. One or two nights in a hotel should do it. Although, you might want to stay for a week or more and to feel like a Pisan. Yes, there is a lively daily market in one of those little squares you wish you had in your home town. I recommend Behind the Tower.

A self-catering stay in this part of Tuscany is pretty compelling--and popular. HomeAway offers over 6000 vacation rental properties in Tuscany, including over 500 Pisa Rentals. Get a party together and rent a villa, or rent a cottage for two...or a Pisa apartment.

Otherwise, Booking.com offers over 40 user-rated hotels in Pisa.

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