Musica Romagnolo at the Fabulous Hotel Eliseo
The singer, the reluctant lover, and a load of fine food

The family-run Hotel Eliseo sits amongst the endless row of seaside hotels across the narrow street that separates them from the sandy beaches of the Riviera di Rimini. It stands alone in offering its clients a true taste of Romagna.

With a kitchen run by Nona Violante with her endless enthusiasm and love for the local cuisine and the perfection of the professional wait staff duo of Pasquale and Mathias as well as a management that values its returning clients to the attention to the local arts and artisans, the Eliseo is the place to take that relaxing vacation by the beach you've always wanted.

The video below is from an evening of Romagnola music at the hotel. You don't need to know the language of this music--the visuals give it all away.

The Video

The video above was taken with my Nexus 4, a cell phone that didn't do too badly with the subject. Yes, the sound could be better.

We urge you to visit hotels that are family run and truly represent the places they occupy. They are dying. You can keep them alive.

Igea Marina, Hotel Eliseo Location

The Food Scene at Hotel Eliseo

hotel eliseo picture

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