Video: The Italian Autostrada for Beginners

Driving and paying: What to expect at the toll booths and on the road

When you look at an Autostrada map you see a web of roads that will get you around the boot of Italy quickly. Yes, Italy's toll roads are efficient, you take a ticket at the booth and ride away at a brisk 130 kilometers per hour, a little over 80 miles per hour.

It's expensive to ride. That's the first thing you'll notice. A route from Genoa to Florence will set you back a bit over 20 euros.

And some of the routes are free. Yes, the city bypasses and some autostrade in the south don't charge, but that means you'll pay, then ride free, then take a ticket at the toll booth and do the whole process over again on your way to the destination. Our video shows what you'll face when you hit those confusing toll booths on the Italian Autostrada.

The Autostrada Video

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Besides our Autostrada map linked above, you might want to consider a Buy Back Lease if you're spending three weeks or more in Italy.

autostrada map

Autostrada Vocabulary

banconote: bank note
resto: change/coins
biglietto: a ticket to ride

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