Video: Infiorata del Corpus Domini, Brugnato, Italy
See a famous spring flower festival in Liguria

Corpus Domini is a Catholic celebration held 9 weeks after Easter. Infiorata is a festival of "flower carpets" usually associated with Corpus Domini.

Early in the morning in Brugnato, Italy, residents begin to fill the streets of the historic center with carpets of flowers in home-grown designs, which will provide the path for a procession after the evening mass.

We were on hand to video the preparations for the Infiorata in Brugnato, a village in Liguria.

The Infiorata Video

Where to Stay in Brugnato

Brugnato is a small village that relies mostly on B&Bs outside the historic center, like Il Vecchio Noce and Il Nido Nella Bionda, two inexpensive lodging options. The other option is to stay in the nearby Cinque Terre. Monterosso is only 20 minutes away and has quite a few hotels, but they're more expensive than staying in Brugnato.

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