How to Get From Florence to Venice

This popular trip can be done by train, bus, airplane, or a rental or lease car

Hot to get to Venice from Florence? Knowing the transportation options for this popular vacation route, especially for those on a first trip to Italy, is fundamental for an understanding of transportation in Italy. 

The distance between Florence and Venice as the airplane flies is about 203 kilometers, or 126 miles. The route by car is longer: 262.9km. You'll pay 19.90 euro in tolls and around 21 euros in fuel to make the journey. This isn't the cheapest path between Florence and Venice unless you have three or more people in the car, and we haven't even discussed parking fees in Venice because you can't just park on the street in this watery wonderland.

map showing rome and florence, italy

Map showing transportation routes from Florence to Venice.

How Much Does the Florence to Venice Train Cost?

So let's talk about the train. Trains in Italy are relatively inexpensive. They move you from city center to city center, where the action is. There are taxi stands at the stations that can take you right to your hotel--and there are hotels close by if you prefer to walk, drop your stuff, and go exploring.

Costs for this journey differ by not only the class of service but by times, speed and where the stations are. Be aware of this when you buy your tickets. Getting left at an outlying station you know nothing about can be a nightmare. The main station in Florence is Firenze Santa Maria Novello.

To find the cost of your Florence to Venice trip, see the schedules and to buy tickets if you wish, see the Train from Florence to Venice page on Omio.

Train Travel in Italy

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What about Flying from Florence to Venice? 

There are currently no flights from Florence to Venice at time of writing. 

Cars and Buses: Getting from Florence to Venice on the Road

We've already discused driving your rental or lease car on the autostrada, which is considerably faster then a bus and more expensive. You could take non-toll roads, but it would slow you down quite a bit as rural speed limits are drastically low in most cases, while you'll zip along at 130 km on the autostrada. Still, a big car can carry a big family quite cheaply, since the cost is nearly the same for one person as it is for 6. 

Buses to Venice are quite cheap, compared to a car, averaging about 10 euro a trip, but the stops a bus makes and the lower speed limit for trucks and buses makes the journey a rather long one, taking around 3 hours and 40 minutes to make the 126 mile journey. For schedules and prices, see the Train and Bus Florence to Venice page on Omio.