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Visit this Miniature Tuscan Gem

Montefollonico, a walled city in Tuscany, lies on a hill in a strategic position between Valdichiana and Val d'Orcia. The town was likely named after Roman clothes washers; Roman cloth-launderers were called fullones and they sometimes used urine to get things really clean. There are a mere three streets, three gates in the 13th century Siennese brick walls and 700 people who live here.

Why would a travel writer send you to such a miniscule hamlet? Well, here's the thing: there are several great places to eat in Montefollonico, including La Chiusa, which holds a well-deserved Michelin Star. There is an innovative ceramics shop inside a decommissioned church that will bake your photos into a serving platter. There are several churches, including the 13th century Church of San Leonardo, one of the most important Sienese Romanesque churches around.

It's easy to park and get around the hamlet, and yet you are in the heart of the Tuscany all the tourists think about when they think about Tuscany. Once you settle into your Montefollonico digs, you can take short drives into Montepulciano and sip Brunello, or head for the perfect Renaisance city Pienza. If you feel a little stiff, head to Bagno Vignone to take the waters. Everything is right in your neighborhood.

And you get two views over two valleys for the price of one. The vista to Montepulciano is a fine one, and you don't have to worry about the wine town sacking our little village like they did in 1229 because we are an ocean away from the current endless war factory.

While you are taking in some breathtaking scenery as you drive from famous Tuscan town to famous Tuscan town, you will also notice the outposts of the white Chianina cattle of the Val di Chiana, the draft animals reborn to become the iconic symbol of a proper Bistecca Fiorentina.

Montefollonico is Pretty, so Let's Look at Some Pictures

Palazzo Pretorio

In the center of the village is the Palazzo Pretorio, the 13th century city hall with the recently restored clock from 1748.

montefollonico street

View down the street toward the Porta Follonica.

montefollonico courtyard

A typical courtyard in Montefollonico.

13 gobbi pasta

A little pasta bathed in Pecorino from the 13 Gobbi Restaurant

Map of Montefollonico

Stay, Eat, Live Well in Montefollonico

la chiusa montefollonica

Relais La Chiusa

A historic hotel in which each room is different and special. This is the view from our room, a 15th century guard tower with the town in the background. Don't miss Dania Masotti's cooking, featuring the fresh herbs that are everywhere on the property.

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montefollonico isa picture

Relais La Costa

Our visit to Montefollonico was sponsored by Tuscan Women Cook, and Isa prepared our tour group a fine meal taken on the terrace overlooking the Tuscan Countryside. It was magic. The tour was an orgy of fine eating and living well. Check it out.

Website Tuscan Women Cook

The hotel in the medieval part of Montefollonico is three stars but has a whopper of a score by those who've stayed: 5 out of 5. Da Leo is the name,  Via Ansano Landucci 74, 53049 Montefollonico, Italy is the address. 

There are also many vacation homes in or near Montefollonico

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