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Viareggio and Carnevale

See fantastic floats and clebrate carnival in a resort town

Viareggio is a seaside resort town, located on a part of the Tuscan Coast called the Versilia Coast. While it's popularity has ebbed since its heyday in the roaring 20's, it's still the number one place to go for Carnevale, the carnival festival featuring, in this case, giant papier-mâché floats, some with fantastic objects, and some featuring famous people, like Obama.

Pictures of Viareggio Carnevale

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These pictures are courtesy of Serena Giovannoni who runs Wish Versillia, a personal travel consultant/wedding planner and personal concierge. Since this event is a tough one to plan if you don't plan a year ahead and especially if you don't know Italian, you may wish to let Serena plan your Viareggio Carnival vacation for you. Here's what she can do: Carnival with a View.

Viareggio on a Map

Below is a map showing Viareggio. To the east are two interesting excursions one might take, to the walled city of Lucca (via train or car) or to Massaciuccoli, a small town with ruins of a Roman Villa overlooking the lake and a bird watching sanctuary with railed trails over a marshland teeming with birds. Just south of Viareggio is Torre del Lago Puccini, host of the famous Puccini Festival (you can book tickets through Select Italy.)

Ourfavorite hotel in Viareggio is the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte. It's pricy, but worth it. Try the pap. Honestly. For other hotels, you can use the Viareggio searchbox to the right.

Viareggio is in the Lucca province of Tuscany. Lucca is a walled city that is a fabulous place to visit; you may wish to stay there and commute to Viareggio.

See our Lucca Map for some suggestions on things to do and places to stay in historic Lucca inside the walls. If you have a short time in Lucca, you may wish to view our video: Lucca: How to Spend a Morning in the Walled City.

Compare prices on user-rated lodging in Lucca: Hotels in Lucca.

For current weather conditions and historic climate information on Lucca, see: Lucca, Italy, Weather and Historic Climate.

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