The Colors of Venice - Photography

Do You Notice a City's Predominent Colors?

If you're like me, you stand in a spot that pleases you and absorb the colors, the shadows and all the things that make a place appealing and different from other places. Do you notice colors of a city? Are visuals more important to the traveler than the other senses, smell for example?

I often use photographs to illustrate a restaurant or church or some such. But along the way one accumulates hundreds of photographs that define a place without defining a whole "thing", like a church or monastery. These are those pictures.

They're taken with a variety of cameras, including pocket cameras like our Canon PowerShot S100, which also maps the photos we take. This camera has now been replaced by the superior (heavier, more expensive, faster...) G7X MkII.

The Venice Oranges

These seem to be the most common of the Venetian colors. Does it come from the denizens of the deep sea? From the color of the wine in a little wine bar or cichetteria?

venice passageway picture

shrimp pasta picture

triglia picture

wine and journalist picture

wine and journalist picture

venice hotel picture

Canal Colors

From colorful laundry to sunsets, to a strange colored sky from a cold winter storm that left snow on the surrounding mountains.

venice canal

venice canal

venice canal picture

venice sunset picture

No Colors / All Colors

But then again, there are the infinite shades of white, as there are in the Veneto's famed white polenta with baccalà mantecato.

venice polenta picture

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