Rome Fiumicino Airport Map & Guide

Leonardo da Vinci Airport: Your International Gateway to Rome

The map below shows Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (Aeroporto Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino), the main international airport serving Rome. If you are flying in or out of Fiumicino Airport and want to avoid dismal airport hotels, you can stay in the town of Fiumicino--or, if you have a car, Ostia Antica. More on places to stay below. Click the map markers for more information.

Just in case you have a bit of a layover in Rome, the map also points you to the fascinating archaeological site of Ostia Antica, once the harbor of ancient Rome

Map of Rome Airport and Vicinity

Fiumicino Airport Transportation

Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport is easily reached from Rome via the A91 Autostrada (Autostrada Map).

The Leonardo Express train operated by Trenitalia, takes 30 minutes (no stops) to get to Termini Station, Rome's main rail station. Rome local trains are available at the airport as well, connecting with the Rome metro at Ostiense/Pyramide or Tiburtina. The Leonardo Express, although more expensive, is much simpler if your final destination is near Termini.

For a complete look at public transporation, see our Rome Transportation Map You can buy tickets online: Leonardo Express: High Speed Train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome City Center.

You can also arrange a Rome Airport Transfer before you go.

Rent a Car at Fiumicino Airport

Find a Good Price on a Flightostia antica tour

Recommended Places to Stay

You can stay right on the airport and take a moving walkway to your terminal if you stay at the Hilton Rome Airport. There is a free shuttle into Rome, too. The Hilton Rome Garden Inn is also on airport property. Either is ideal if you have to catch an early morning flight.

A five minute walk from the airport takes you to the highly-rated Perugino Apartments.

Staying in the Beach Town of Fiumicino

I've enjoyed the time I've stayed in Fiumicino. If you arrive early in the afternoon before your flight the next morning, it's great to have a town to roam around in rather than be stuck in the airport with limited dining opportunities. You might as well enjoy all your vacation time. Find the best prices on Fiumicino Hotels, or look on the map below for a convenient lodging location. Zoom out the map to see many more lodging options in the vicinity The cluster of hotel markers to the south of the airport represent Fiumicino lodging.

Lido di Ostia and--Scuba Diving!

(Thanks to The Roman Guy for this tip! And check out their Rome city tours and themed vacations!)

Lots of Romans head out to the Lido di Ostia on hot days, Ostia's beach. It's easy to get to on public transportation. But did you know that just offshore you can visit the "Carribean of Italy" called Secche di Tor Paterno? It's a Marine Protected Area and there are dive centers in Lido di Ostia to help you in your quest to get outfitted to see it, like Tor Paterno Diving Center (According to the web site non-Italian speakers can call: Silvana Scalzo 3409225243 Only for English).

To see what's under the sea, watch the video:

Ostia Antica

An interesting choice of places to stay is near the ancient port of Rome, Ostia Antica. Residenza D'epoca Rodrigo de Vivar is a 10-minute drive from Fiumicino airport, and is a converted farm house on a medieval estate. The archaeological site at Ostia is well worth visiting (see a picture of the ruins of Ostia below).

See other lodging in Ostia Antica.

ruins of ostia antica

Another Fiumicino Archaeological Adventure

Ostia was the port of Rome until the boats became bigger and the river port of Ostia wasn't large enough to accommodate the big grain ships that came from places like Egypt. So emperors Claudius and Trajan build Portus, a large port will all manner of services for the larger boats.

Portus is just south of the Airport, and makes a fine visit if you've got a block of time before your flight.

Portus Travel Guide

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