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Sardinia's Northwest, Trastevere, Milan and More 

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Italy. We’ve just spent a week in Rome and just before that I spent 4 very busy days in Sardinia. My favorite Italian big city and island together.

My Sardinia excursion explored the area around Alghero. Stay in this compelling city (where strolling we found some very interesting music) and you’ll have lots of options when you want to get away and see wonders scattered about the countryside. For example, the mysterious ziggurat north of Alghero near Porto Torres that was built 6000 years ago. And while we’re at it, what about that carved and cracked egg,eh? Neolithic omelet anyone?

Click the graphic below to find out more about Monte d’Accoddi.

monte d'accoddi
Monte d'Accoddi, Sardinia

And when you’re done visiting this ancient bit of architecture, you can go have a spectacular Sardinian lunch at nearby Tenuto Li Lioni. Don’t miss the video on the page in the link, which shows the Sardinian “ravioli” called culurgiones being fashioned by an expert in a mere 21 seconds.

And Then Rome

We spent a week in Rome, taking an apartment in a sliver of Trastevere not far from Trastevere train station. We learned to make pasta with a guitar-like contraption called a Chitarra with Walks of Italy. We ate at some outstanding restaurants we’ll be reviewing soon. We took the train from Trastevere to Bracciano and discovered an interesting castle you’ll want to visit along the shores of the lake. See a little video about Bracciano Castle.

And I’m happy to report that the New Testaccio Market has finally hit its stride, and you’ll find lots of good eats inside the sprawling market, making food shopping easy if you stay in this part of Rome.

Milano and Around

Milan is slowly working its way in travel planners’ minds. But what if you used the city as your base to explore the wonders in the vicinity? Martha has some tips for you in her latest article:

Milan Day Trips

Finally, A Little Story About Maintaining an Italian Home

After learning of an expat moving to Italy and having problems with her pellet stove, I had to dredge up the story of ours, and how the guy who installed ours cheated us out of fame and fortune by going the extra mile and asking little. Ready for a little stereotype bashing?

Those Darn Italian Handymen

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