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The Delights of Fall in Italy
With walking tours and more...

Fall is amazing in Italy. Wine harvests have begun, the rain brings porcini mushrooms, and by the time it gets nippy, truffle hunters and their highly trained dogs seek white winter truffles from secret places. Then you can head to Piemonte to have a breakfast of champions as I like to call it.

Read more about the Delights of fall travel in Italy from Martha:

Italy in Fall

chestnut roasters
Autumn is for the chestnut roasters

Italian Walking Tours

Fall is a great time to walk and get to know a place. We’ve recently teamed up with Walks of Italy to showcase some of their well-researched walking tours. Here are the top four tours in order of popularity.

Pristine Sistine, Early Vatican Tour: Early Entry Sistine Chapel & St Peter’s Basilica Express Tour

Premium Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Rome in a Day Tour: Pompeii Tour from Rome with Amalfi Coast Drive

Rome In A Day Tour with Vatican, Colosseum & Historic Center

Did you know…

etruscan tombs
Etruscan Quarry and Tombs near Populonia

Populonia is a medieval hill town in the part of southern Tuscany called Maremma and it’s also the site of one of Italy’s top ancient Etruscan cities, the only one by the sea, on the Gulf of Baratti. You can take scenic walks to see reminders of Etruscan iron working from the 6th to the third century BC as well as exploring different styles of Etruscan tombs in different locations.

Populonia Etruscan Tombs

That’s all for now. Tomorrow we board a plane to Nice and then on to Italy in our lease car. We’ll spend a week in Rome at the end of the month, staying in an apartment in the southern bit of Trastevere across from Testaccio, where one can feast on traditional Roman food. I hope we’re near some quiet places in Rome, and are always on the lookout for more.

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