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Italy in August | Avoiding Over-Tourism 

Luxury on a shoestring is yours in the Abruzzo and Le Marche

It’s nearly August. It’s heating up in Italy. But there are plenty of things to do! Let Martha tell you about the best festivals, beaches and the August 15th holiday:

Italy in August

A lot has been said about over-tourism lately. Folks are cramming cities like Florence and Venice like never before—even in what we used to call the “off” season.

If it’s your first visit to Italy you’re going to have to suck it up and squeeze in with the hordes—but if you’ve been to at least two of the big three, and especially if you can no longer afford staying in those overcrowded cities, we have some great suggestions for you.

What if you were to go to the Abruzzo where you might plan to visit the Borgo Universo Festival in Aielli, a mountain village?

And what if you could stay in an ancient fortified monastery in the Abruzzo for about half what you’d pay for a budget hotel in Rome? Look at this:

abruzzo monastery picture
Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito in the spring

It’s Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito and if you go in the season they’ll feed you well. Drive anywhere and the scenery will be spectacular.

Monastero Fortezza di Santo Spirito

And if you have friends who want to travel with you, I have a suggestion that should rock your boat. Let’s talk about staying in 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath palazzo in the heart of a castle town called Mondavio in Le Marche. It’s big, it has a professional kitchen with a six burner stove. The ceiling of the living room is frescoed. The bathrooms are modern and stylish. Buy a drink at Al Giardino della Rocca in an evocative setting across the street and they’ll set out a good spread for you at no extra charge. The thing we worried about? Decide to wander about the house before dinner and maybe nobody would find you until morning. It’s big. At the time of writing the average price per night was—are you ready?—$97.

Apartment Mondavio

And one last suggestion. If you want to know where the study of the Mediterranean diet started and where many folks reach a grand old age and are still active, you might go to the Cilento coast, the (culturally) more interesting southern neighbor of the Amalfi Coast.

Cilento Coast Travel Guide

As if that wasn’t enough, here are five small Italian cities to think about visiting:

5 Small Italian Cities Travel Guide

Just in case you’ve had enough of olive oil, you might just try a place with the best butter in France and quite possibly in the world: Normandy.

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