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sardinia inside out travel guideLadies and gents, I’m proud to announce the birth of a new travel app for one of my favorite places in the whole, wide world, the island of Sardinia! We’ve decided to call it Sardinia Inside Out with yours truly being a sort of outsider who labored in Sardinia’s hot summer sun to excavate a Nuragic village over several summers, and tour guide extraordinaire Paola Loi being the insider.

Hold on a minute—we’ve converted the app and the expanded info is FREE!

You’ll no longer find the app in the app store. It’s been converted to an online guide with extended content which you can use to plan an itinerary to Sardinia. You can take a look at this link.

The People Who Guide You in Sardinia

I’ve traveled extensively with Paola Loi. She’s one of those guides who has a special radar for people and attractions. She doesn’t just take you on a planned tour, she finds what you like and will create a private tour for you _while you walk!” She’s the inside of Sardinia Inside Out. I’m so sure she is Sardinia’s best guide I’ve agreed to build the Paola Loi Website for her.

And me you know. Or maybe not. I write lots about Italy; I live in northern Tuscany for nearly half a year every year. I write about the rest of western Europe as well. I photograph, make web sites, and eat a lot. Right now I’m craving Fregola con arselle. I am the outsider in Sardinia Inside Out, but I travel to the island each year, adding to my knowledge of the history and culture of the island they call “Icnusa.”

And perhaps you need our auxiliary web site, too: Wandering Sardinia

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