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sardinia inside out travel guideLadies and gents, I’m proud to announce the birth of a new travel app for one of my favorite places in the whole, wide world, the island of Sardinia! We’ve decided to call it Sardinia Inside Out with yours truly being a sort of outsider who labored in Sardinia’s hot summer sun to excavate a Nuragic village over several summers, and tour guide extraordinaire Paola Loi being the insider.

Hold on a minute while we convert the app!

You’ll no longer find the app in the app store. It’s going converted to an online guide with extended content which you can use to plan an itinerary to Sardinia. You can take a look at this link

Sardinia Inside Out has 870 pictures and over 200 text entries, representing the best of Sardinia, from lace-making to sacred horse races. Each attraction is mapped on a Google map—and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to see the map. There’s a good deal about the traditional foods of Sardinia, recommended restaurants, bars, and where to shop for traditional goods, from rugs to lace to saffron (yes, Sardinia is a major producer of saffron!)

Where do I get this bodacious guide to Sardinia?

In the app store, of course. It costs a mere $2.99, and updates are free (and we’ll be adding to the app this fall): Sardinia Inside Out on the App Store. There is also an Android version.

The People

Paola Loi is profiled in Martha’s Italy Travel page: Paola Loi – Personal Tour Guide for Sardinia. Paola’s husband Sascha contributed many of the fine photographs you’ll find in the guide, and is an expert on lodging. His guidance produced some very unique and interesting lodging recommendations you’ll find in the guide.

And me you know. Or maybe not. Here you’ll find some of the odd jobs I do and yes, that’s my bug-eyed fear of finding someone with a camera pointed at me in the courtyard of a Nuraghe. If you don’t know what a nuraghe is, you need our guide.

And perhaps you need our auxilarary web site, too: Wandering Sardinia

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