Extraordinary People - Or at least one from Friuli
Is it OK to gravitate toward pleasure and play in a dour world?

“I was brought up to believe I could achieve anything,” Joe began. “My mother instilled in me the belief that there was always something great coming.” He leaned forward and looked me in the eye. “For example, even though I’m afraid of flying, I always think the plane can’t crash because there are so many better things still to come.”

That’s Joe Bastianich talking to Lettie Teague, who replies, “That’s why I always think the plane will crash.” ~ Molto Joe | Joe Bastianich.

Joe Bastianich is Multo Mario’s right hand man. He comes from Italy’s Friuli region (map of Friuli), and owns vineyards there. He owns restaurants, too. He was 35 when this was written.

In Friuli, he allows the locals to hunt on his property, and they prepare an annual feast in his honor. ~ Celebrity Chef Food & Wine Pairings

Why are some people driven like this. Driven, that is, toward play? I mean, I’ve seen this guy on television. It’s not that he was born into wealth, or just happened to fall into happiness. He’s not even handsome.

It’s a process of trying things out, finding what you like to do.

So why doesn’t everyone look toward having a full life, rich with joy? Why can’t we put aside our fear of flying (or swarthy foreigners, turbined oil barons, and multisexuals) for the pursuit of happiness. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we did?

I want a glass of Bastianich’s 2002 Bastianich Vespa Bianco Italian White Wine and I want it now. How about you?

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