Sexy food in Piemonte

I like Tuscan food. But then, there’s Piemonte cuisine, a whole different thing. I spent a few days eating in Piemonte recently. From the fab food cooked by Marla and Fabrizio at their Bed and Breakfast (and cooking school!) called Bella Baita to the simple seafood at the Lakeside Chalet del Lago, to the sophisticated food at Ristorante Al Castello Della Manta Noch Leit adjacent to Manta Castle

Thus an internet photo essay on the two distinctive types of food porn discovered on this trip. Peek, then avert your eyes, as usual.

Here is the hot, raw, dripping, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it food porn:

Guazzetto - hot, drippy food porn

(Guazzetto from Chalet del Lago Ristorante in Avigliana)

And then there’s subtle, little black dress, caught in the shadows food porn:

bacalao stuffed zucchini flowers
Bacalao stuffed zucchini flowers

_(Salt Cod stuffed Zucchini Flowers from Ristorante Al Castello in Manta Castle

I’m hungry.

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