Roman Ruins Discovered Using Google Maps

Luca Mori, writing in his now abandoned blog Quelli della Bassa relates the discovery of “visible anomalies” from a Goolge map of Sorbolo, a village near Parma. When analyzed closely, these rectilinear dark areas seemed to be the outline of a ancient ruins. Mori also traced an ancient waterway in the area.

At first the discoveries were thought to date to the bronze age, but further research of artifacts found while plowing seems to indicate that the underground structures are remains of a large Roman Villa.

Hmm, funny what you can learn from observing things very, very closely.

Nature Story: Enthusiast uses Google to reveal Roman ruins

Roman Villa in Sorbolo – This is What Mori saw. The curved outline is still an anomaly, but the dark outlines barely visible right above the location balloon are the remains found on Mori’s map above.

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