Find Your Train! Mobile App for European Rail Travel

Lots of folks these days extoll the virtues of the automobile for traveling around Europe. Sometimes it’s because they own rental properties found at the end of a windy, gravel lane and it’s the only way you can get to them. But the Italian rail system, for all it’s perceived faults, works darn well for getting to any decent sized town, and is the best means of travel between big cities.

So where do you get information on such travel? Now, you’d think you can get it from the official trenitalia site and you can. But what if you just want to lounge around on the feather-bed in your hotel and dream of where in Europe you might go next? Perhaps you have an iDevice or an android phone in your paw. What do you do?

Well, for train travel around Italy, especially if you’re going on to other destinations in Europe, I always recommend the Deutsche Bahn, (or D Bahn, or DB site) to plan your train travel planning for folks willing to lug those outmoded computer thingies around with them in Europe.

Now DB has a series of apps that connect to their extensive rail databases. You can get them for just about any mobile device.

So you can be sitting there wondering where the heck the nearest station is and if you have location services turned on the app will return the location of the closest train stations right on a Google map. You can also program it to look for stations near, say, Aulla-Lunigiana and it will mark all the close stations on the map. This is darned good info for the train traveler. Travel dreaming train maps. I love it.

Although I’ve not tried it, it says you can also buy tickets thorough your device, although this isn’t available for the local trains, only the fast ones. That’s ok, because I never have problems just showing up and buying tickets at the smaller train stations near me in the Lunigiana. Then again, we live slower in the Lunigiana.

In any case, here is the link for Android devices: DB Navigator for Android

And finally, want to know about the rail coverage of Italy? Try our Rail Map of Italy

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