Mama Mia, That's a Fat Sausage! 

The Local (Sweden) reports that a man reported to authorities that the sausage be bought had too much meat in it.

The man, who purchased his sausages in the ski resort of Åre, was surprised to find that the meat content was 104 percent.

It’s really all about the Swedes and their sausage labeling:

CEO Marcus Färnström explained to local newspaper Länstidningen Östersund that what it actually means is 104 g meat has been used per every 100g sausage.

This reminds me of sausage-making at my neighbor’s house in Tuscany. I was snapping pictures, happy as a pig in slop while the boys were gleefully grinding up the pig bits to make salami and Mortadella, every once in a while pinching off some of the raw meat and eating it enthusiastically. Quality control. Or something. Il Capo Armando could logically say his sausages were made from something like 110% meat, because some of it disappeared in the processing. I could sign off on that fact.

So, you see, your sausages could contain 110 percent meat. Before they were actually “born” that is. But I better clam up; I don’t want to give Sara Lee any ideas, or pretty soon there’d be a Jimmy Dean 4.7 pound sausage that would fit under a fingernail.

And that would be a bad idea. Wouldn’t it?

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